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Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between the Standard License & the Premium Subscription?

Standard license:

  • 4 minutes templates incl. standard agenda items
  • unlimited protocol sending

Premium subscription:

  • More than 20 minutes including standard agenda items
  • unlimited protocol sending
  • Logo editable in header line
  • Logo can be defined per project
  • Support further development of the app
How do I create a new project?

Under the settings you will find the item Project Basic Data. With a "click" on the +, you can open a new project



How do I create a session series?

With a "click" on the green + you create a session row. Important: You can only create a series of sessions if a project has been entered.

How do I define a different logo?

Under the settings you will find the item General, there you can now define the logo accordingly (Only included in the premium subscription).

How do I define a logo per project?

Under Settings / Project Basic Data / Project you can customize the logo per project as desired.

Important: Only included in the premium subscription.

How do I change the system language?

Under the settings you will find the item General, where you can now select one of the five system languages.

How do I copy a protocol?

You can easily copy a log that you have created:

Android: Long press on the already created log, then select copy.

IOS: "wipe" to the left on the corresponding log with your finger, then select copy.

How do I create a data backup?

Under the item Settings you will find the category "Data Backup". With a "click" on the button you can save your data locally on the corresponding device. The data will be saved on your device under Files.

How do I load my created backup onto the device?

You can access your files by clicking the Restore Backup button. From there, you can select the file you want to restore.

Document lock with signature

Minutes may be signed in writing to confirm their accuracy. The minutes that have been signed cannot be edited again.

How do I move the agenda items/topics in the minutes?

If you want to move a log entry or even an entire topic, keep your finger on the entry you want to move for a longer period of time, after which you can reposition it as you wish.

How do I classify a log entry?

Each log entry can be classified as information, task or resolution.

Information: This serves simply as information.

Task: This is a task and can, for example, be assigned to an employee.

Resolution: A resolution shows what was decided at the meeting.


How do I save the protocol on the device?

When you have created the protocol, you will find the Save button in the upper left corner under the item Send PDF &. You will then find the created protocol among the files on your device.

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