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Use Case

Ā«Minutes of meetingsĀ»

Always this tedious protocol writing! It takes an eternity to prepare the minutes. Not to mention the post-processing including formatting, which takes at least as much time. Time is a valuable commodity, especially nowadays, and should be handled with care. According to our motto: Increase quality. Save time and costs.
We give you tips for efficient protocol management:
# 1 Select your desired template
# 2 Go to the meeting and enter the relevant information in the respective agenda item.
# 3 Send your minutes directly to all participants at the end of the meeting.
In just three steps, you are done with the entire minute-taking process.
Using the DokPro Business application, you go to the session and select your desired protocol template. You start directly with the logging process. Once all inputs from the meeting have been documented, you can send the minutes to the predefined participants directly from the app. The great thing about the app is that you only have to enter the facts discussed as the person taking the minutes. This allows you to focus much better on the conversation partners.

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