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Use Case

«Create apartment acceptance»

Ah it comes again the moving month of September upon us! The tenants are already on the eviction and complete cleaning of the apartment. After that it means for the landlords => carry out apartment inspections! Every corner, every cant should be checked. What a tedious job. Even more tedious is the documentation of these facts, which must be checked x times, edited and finally finalized and sent.
DokPro offers you a tool that facilitates the acceptance and handover of apartments. Acceptance reports can be easily and cleanly created digitally instead of laboriously writing them by hand. This allows you to create a clear and high-quality protocol on your tablet, smartphone or computer in no time. The document is automatically formatted and given a document number including versioning.
With the application, you bring structure and systematics to your processes. Because regardless of who writes the protocol, with DokPro it always follows the same structure. The app has a variety of protocol templates, such as for an acceptance, progress or defect protocol. Of course, you can also insert photos for documentation and notes directly in the corresponding agenda item with a click.
You want to increase efficiency even more? Nothing could be easier. The DokPro app additionally offers:
 • Audit-proof minutes according to  DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 61335
 • Protocol templates with standard tracts for different meeting types
 • 5 languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish, French)
 • Define series of meetings
 • Assign and schedule resolutions as well as pending items
 • Digitally visualize minutes
 • Write minutes via dictation function
Finally, with just one click, you generate formatted minutes in PDF format, which you send by email to the specified recipients - usually to the participants already invited via the app  .

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